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SPWF01S information

Question asked by schisano.alessio on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Gerardo Gallucci
I need some information about this WiFi Module, I've already read theonline doc but I haven't found all the information I need.

1) I see the module use Uart1 to communicate with host, with hardware control, but I can't use the flow control on my application, does the module start with flow control enabled or not?

2) I see that is available the JTAG connector, do I need to map the connector on my board? Do I need to flash the device manually or it comes already flashed with the latest firmware?

3) I see on documentation that STAToMiniAP require GPIO[7], but I can't find reference about this function in order to understand if I need or not to connect this Pin

4) is the firmware upgrade over OTA available? do I need to predispose something particular in my hardware to use the OTA?

Thanks for the support