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Question asked by Patrik Schantl on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by Erwan Y

I have some problems understanding and using the UART HAL component.
The test application for the SPC560D sends "Hello World" with the chnWriteTimout() function. To send the value 0x55, I wrote

chnWriteTimeout(&SD1, (uint8_t *)

0x55, 2, TIME_INFINITE);

But this did not work. I doesn´t matter which value I tried to send, I am always receiving a different value. Only when I am sending characters, the received data equals the sended data. What is wrong with my command?

My second question is: is it possible to write my own UART driver? The driver from the library is too complex for my application. I just want to periodically send data triggered by a timer interrupt and to work with the UART interrupt if I receive data.
Therefore, I started to write my own driver. So I deactivated SERIAL in the configuration, but I am not able to configure LinFlex. Setting LinFlex to initialization mode by setting  







did not work. What would be the correct steps to be able to configure the LinFlex component?

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