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MEMS mics into the musical instruments pickup systems

Question asked by tsitsishvili.mikheil on Oct 5, 2015
My name is Mikheil Tsitsishvili, I am acoustic guitar and ukulele performer living in the Republic of Georgia (East. Europe).

I am very much interested in the amplification of acoustic instruments; all my instruments are equipped with small internal electret condenser ECM mics, they all perform great as well as feed back easily, that is the only issue I have got with the microphones and the most effective way is using of a rubber feedback covers in the instruments.

A few years ago I found some articles about new MEMS mics, today these mics are widely used in many different ways ....

I would like to kindly ask you on how close in musical quality are the MEMS to ECM mics and whether the MEMS mics are used in the acoustic musical instruments' pickup systems ? if so, which particular MEMS models are of the highest characteristics for using them into the musical pickup systems ?