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Rogowski Coil using STPM01

Question asked by wibowo.endie on Apr 29, 2015
Hi, I am a student and i am trying to build a current sensing device using rogowski coil and STPM01. I am 'blind' to this project.

I read on the datasheet that STPM01 can be used as a single chip monophase energy meter (standalone).

What does it mean? Does it mean it does't have to connected to microcontroller all the time?

If yes, how can I use and calibrate/program it?
Can I use any kind of microcontroller such as Arduino?

In standalone mode, which pin can show instantaneous/RMS current of the rogowski coil?

What is the sensitivity of the input current channel? (the smallest voltage that can be sensed)

I hope there are answers. Thank you.