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USART flashing on windows

Question asked by a. richard on Sep 29, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2010 by robson.paul
Has anyone succeeded in flashing the discovery board over USART on windows?
I have tried [url=]stm32loader[/url] (python) which wrote the bin file correctly (verified via ST-Link later), but the program does not start (set boot0 = 0, reset chip) and the FLASHLoader Utility, which doesn't even recognize the STM32F100 (no pages displayed) and can only set the read/write protect.

However, [url=]stm32flash[/url] (C) works on linux. I svned it out, compiled it, use the demo hex and after flashing and a reset, it started blinking. I don't want to/can't use linux as a development/desktop OS though.