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Accelerometer(LIS303DLH) Register settings for "linear acceleration+AHRS"

Question asked by Reddy.Harinadha on Jul 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by beffumo.fabio
I have iNEMO V2 Board.  I want to use the inbuilt( embedded) filters of the geomagnetic module.How can i change the register settings of the Accelerometer ( LIS303DLH). I know there are two ways to do this ( iNEMO Suit GUI ,  Using the API)
1. In iNEMO Suit GUI  if the AHRS Mode enabled ,Accelerometer parameter settings ( High-Pass Filter,ODR, reference), they are grayed out. Why is this ?
2. My investigation reveals iNEMO V2 board can't give "linear acceleration(without gravity or tilt)", when the AHRS enabled. Is this true ?
3. Now, I desperately need linear acceleration along with AHRS. If above 2 points are true. I really need help of ST to upgrade the firmware to provide linear acceleration, acceleration( linear acceleration+ gravity), along with AHRS.
4. If i want to change accelerometer High-Pass Filter settings, and also want AHRS output, what should i do ?
I completely depended on iNEMO V2, spent my fund for my research, I can't proceed further if i don't get linear acceleration. Please help ST !!!