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Setting up LIS2DH for 6D movement recognition

Question asked by von_ahnen.michael on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by Thiago.Reis@ST
I am trying to setup the LIS2DH to detect movement and drive INT1.  The documentation is not clear what needs to be configured to do this.

CNTL_REG3 appears to select the sources for INT1.  There are two that are AOI options.  I am assuming since the 6D movement function is associated with the AOI (Table 51, Interrupt Mode), that at least one of these bits needs to be set in this register.

In INT1_CFG, it is clear that bits 6 and 7 can be set for "6 direction movement recognition", but do the other bits also have to be set?

Is there an example of using this mode for this part or similar parts?