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Inemo Source for Commercial products

Question asked by dsouza.royston on Jul 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2011 by dsouza.royston
We have purchased the Inemo V2 board and are happy with all the functionalities it has to offer. The reason for buying the board was to evaluate ST's platform before using ST MEM's components in a commercial product.Currently our algorithm is being developed on the Inemo V2 board itself. 
Before proceeding deeper into this we would like to know certain points listed below.
1. Is the Kalman Filtering library open source

2. Is the AHRS library open source, wherein we can tweak something if desired or is a pre compiled library with only API calls provided.

3. Can all the libraries and code implemented in Inemo which is available as open source be used in commercial product development. Are there any royalties or licensing issues we need to know about at the time of manufacturing.

4. The commercial product involves upgrading firmware after being deployed using the USB of the STM32. STM32 supports DFU USB class for this. Also ST has provided an application called DFUSE for the PC UI interface. Now we want to integrate the DFUSE commands directly into our proprietary PC software. Does ST provide any example for Visual Studio implementation, API library and API documentation for DFUSE (PC side software interface for DFU firmware programming)

The sole aim to is to install the firmware upgrade directly into the STM32 device connected to USB without user intervention, hence we are developing this application.

Does anyone have past experience in integrating point no 4.

Thanks in advance for your support