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HTS211 with different IIC address

Question asked by bil.til on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Licciardello.Antonel
we need a humidity sensor for IoT home application systems. HTS211 looks very nice as it seems to be I2C readable at any time (whereas other sensors often need a complicated Measure-Pause-Read Intervall timing).

Just we definitely would need the possibility to connect several sensors to one I2C line (we use long distance I2C) - e. g. one sensor for internal / room temperature/humidity, and one or two other sensors need to be mounted optionally (the end customer himself can just connects them if he wants), e. g. for some outside temperature measurement point ... .

For this is it necessary for us to get the HTS211 with different I2C adresses. Either fix programmed (e. g. different order numbers HTS211-A1, HTS211-A2), or in some form programmable - by pin, or if you are 100% sure about your Flash solution, it could also be programmable. (but we would prefer some fix solution - programming IIC-Adress in Flash sounds a bit dangerous).

PS: When will this part be available at distributors?