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STVD - "Go to Definition Of" problem

Question asked by Ck-befra on Apr 28, 2014
I have installed STVD 4.3.5 with Cosmic STM8 32K Special Edition Free license.

I have a problem using feature: Go to Definition Of "something".
When I try to click this on some function or variable error message for a few files appears:
" ctags: Warning: cannot open source file "somefile" : No such file or directory "

All these files are corectly included into project, compiling and linking pass ok. But from some reason all these files and only them will appear in External Dependencies project folder. And when I click on these files and choose properties I can see path to root folder, but they are in different subdirectories of project folder. I don't know why these files and only these files are generated in External Dependencies everytime after Compilation and Linking.

Is there something I'm missing in project options or something else?
-When I copy these files to the root of the project then "Go to Definition Of" working OK, but it's not a good way how to solve this problem.