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ST-LINK Utility 3.6 on Win7 HW won't write to STM32F205RGT7

Question asked by lynch.gary on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Clive One

I am still an STM32 newbie, so I apologize in advance for
potential dumb questions.

I recently installed ST-LINK Utility 3.6 on a workstation
running Windows 7 and need to erase and program a couple of
ARM Cortex micros, P/N STM32F205RGT7, using the JTAG port.
The board was designed by a customer and I followed his
suggestion to use an Olimex ARM-JTAG-20-10 adapter cable to
convert the 20-pin connector on my ST-LINK/V2 to the 10-pin
headers on the board.  The signals that make it through are:
- TDI, &

The first thing we noticed when power it up (out of the box)
was that the embedded firmware was out of date.  The update
button did not work until we disconnected the ST-LINK/V2
from the target hardware, but thereafter the update

Examining the settings, there appear to be 3 different
connect modes:
  - Normal,
  - Connect under reset, &
  - Hot plug,

We could not get the first two modes to work at all, but
could connect to the target in hot plug mode. After
connection, the system could read RAM, flash, and registers;
report things like supply voltage and CPU serial number,

But when we attempt the 'Erase chip' command, the process
terminates in a sequence of 3 dialog boxes:
  - "Internal command error"
  - "Elf loader could not be transferred to device."
    "Change 'Target/Settings/Connetion' to <<Connect Under
     Reset>> and Try Again."
  - "Error occurred during mass erase!"

If I then follow its advice and try to connect under reset,
the connection fails.

I captured the trace.log file during this process and attach
it for reference.

Ideas, anybody?