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Infinite ISR on STM8L

Question asked by Snewo on Apr 1, 2014
I'm exploring an STM8L152 on the Discovery Board. That board has a user button, which I have set to trigger an interrupt on a GPIO (pin C1, if that matters). I can watch the interrupt fire in the debugger (using STVD), and right now my ISR has only the disableInterrupt() command and return. The ISR never exits, though, looping continuously. I have not had this problem on an STM8S105. Does anyone have some insight into what might be going on? Thanks.

[UPDATE - Guys, never mind. It looks like on these machines you must manually clear a pending external interrupt flag via the EXTI->SR1 register, unlike on some other 8's, which have no flags. Then, by some perverse logic, clearing the bit actually means writing a "1".]