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Windows XP remote desktop to Cosmic STM8

Question asked by cheung.sam on Mar 11, 2014
Cosmic STM8 is installed in Windows XP with license. Since we are working
in a networked-host, we will access such Windows XP host using Windows XP
remote desktop access.

When Cosmic STM8 is started from the physical Windows XP host, everything
is working.

When access such Windows XP host over XP remote desktop, we have
error ( details at the end). We cannot compile.

Is there anything we can edit or added or .. when using remote desktop.

fyi, we use debian rdesktop to access windows xp.

Thx for any info.

---------  error message when using remote desktop

#error cpstm8 C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_32K\Hstm8\modsl0.h:1 FlexLM Cannot checkout an uncounted license within a Windows Terminal Services guest session.
 The command: "cxstm8 +modsl0 +debug -pxp -no -pp -l -dAPPLICATION -iapp -iinc -ismos -i"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_32K\Hstm8"  -clout_appl\ -coout_appl\ src\stm8s_gpio.c" has failed, the returned value is: 1
exit code=1.

kbm.elf - 3 error(s), 0 warning(s)