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Problem with Systick Timer STM32F103RB

Question asked by charles.marloye on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by charles.marloye
Hello everybody,

Im working on a project with a nucleo-F103RB with the IDE EM::Blocks and I have some issues with the Systick Timer. I read some relative post but none of them solve my problem.

This is the way i configure the Systick :
void TickTimer_configuration(void)
    if(SysTick_Config(SystemCoreClock/1000)) //tick toutes les ms
        // error capture

I have in another c file, the following function (the header of this filz is include in the main.c file project):
void SysTickHandler(void)

The problem is the next one : when i run my program, the main stop running soon after the SysTick_Config().

I try to debug with other interrupts like EXTI which still work, I also implement an UART to print out the SystemCoreClock value before the SysTick_Config and its at 72MHz.

I ll join in annex the main.c file and the IRQ_handler file. Everything works except the Systick. If you need more informations, just ask.

I hope u can help me.

Sry for my bad english.