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STM8S003F PD4 doesn't work as GPIO

Question asked by miroshnichenko.kirill on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by miroshnichenko.kirill
Hi all!
I am using STM8S003F microcontroller with UART in async mode. I want to use UART1_CK pin as regular GPIO in push-pull mode. This pin is PD4. When peripherals are configured as below:

    PD_DDR_DDR4 = 1;   //  Pin PD4 (EN) is output
    PD_CR1_C14 = 1;    //  Pin PD4 is set to P-P mode.
    PD_CR2_C24 = 1;    //  Pin PD4 can run up to 10 MHz.

    UART1_CR3_CKEN = 1;

and byte is transmitted via UART, I see clock meander appearing on PD4 on each byte transmission. Then I disable UART clock output by writing:

   UART1_CR3_CKEN = 0;

After that pin PD4 goes low, and writing
  PD_ODR_ODR4 = 1;

gives nothing. High logic level doesn't appear on PD4 pin.

What's wrong with my code? What else should I check?