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SWIM DeviceID Read & ROP check-method?

Question asked by t..alex on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by t..alex
I am developing a standalone programming board for stm8 devices with SWIM interface.
Development is quite far but I am still facing some questions I see nowhere answered:

1: in Flash Programming Manual it says there is a "DeviceID" that can/should be read. Can someone give me more information how/where to read that ID and which ID represents which device?

2: How to clean detect that a device has active readout protection set? The SWIM_CSR NO_ACCESS bit seems to be always 0 to me (using STM8S003 device). When I try to read memory of a protected device it always reads 0x71 and writing to memory fails with the data-bytes not being ACKed be the target. Are these the only indications for an active ROP or is there a clean way to detect the ROP?

Thank you!
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