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STM32CubeMX With Multiple Versions of Keil

Question asked by sidlauskas.david on Feb 24, 2015
I have both Keil Uvision 4.7 and 5.14 installed. CubeMx only gives me the option to select MDK- ARM V4.7 in the Project->Settings->Toolchain/IDE selector.

How can I get MDK-ARM V5.14 to appear in the Toolchain/IDE selector?

I created a project using STM32CubeMS and the MDK_ARM 4.7 selection and opened it with Uvision 5.14. Now the target device (F070) is not found in the Uvision database.  However, if I create a Keil project outside of CubeMX, the F070 is found in the Keil database.

Any thoughts on how to get CubeMX to generate MDK-ARM 5 compatible projects?

Dave Sidlauskas