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STM32F4 Discovery not working out of the box.

Question asked by brijesh on Jul 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Andrew Neil
I got 2 new STM32F4 Discovery boards and both are not being recognized by STLINK utility. Here some of the observations. I compared the behavior to STM32F1 discovery board. (It is Windows 7 PC).

1) Plug in STM32F1 board. I see a pop up window saying USB mass storage device found.
Plug in STM32F4. No window pops up.

2) In STLink Utility I press the connect button. STM32F1 board is found and I can download program to flash. With STM32F4 I get a error message saying "No STlink device found"

My board has Rev Z devices. I tried the patch that was released to support Rev Z device. That did not work either.

If we forget about programming the target device, I am not sure if the basic USB connection to the STLink is working. Any way to test/confirm this.