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STM32F4 Discovery - Encoder Control Using Peripheral Drivers Problems

Question asked by kasapoglu.orkun on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by Andrew Neil
Hi everyone I'm also trying to do an encoder control unit with stm32f4 discovery using of the standard periphberal libriaries and I have two problems.
1-) When I want to build codes, there is an error occuring which is ;
Error : L6218E : Undefined symbol assert-param (referred from misc.o)
after that problem I researched about this error with it's Error Number and I found something. The answer of my problem was USE_STDPERIPH_DRIVER definition (at 'Configure Flash Tools' => 'C/C++' => 'Define' ). Then I applied it to my project but another error occured. I added second error's pic and project files. Thanks.