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Evaluation Board Suggestions.

Question asked by sotack.john.001 on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by Andrew Neil
I like the STM32F4 Discovery  for deveopment before hardware arrives.  It brings out many of the processor pins, and most of those pins are not "hard wired" to a function on the board.  This accomadates developing firmware modules on the Discovery board that use the same peripherals / pins as the custom hardware design does.

The discovery board comes close to being ideal but falls a bit short.  A small number of the pins are hardwired to on board chips.  For example, I believe USART1 is hard wired to the USB OTG function.  For UASART debug I removed a couple components from the board.  Additinally, some of the many pins are not brought out.  More specifically ports beyond E are not available at the edge headers.

For the prehardware firmware development I just completed, the ideal board:
  1. Would leave as many pins free as possible using only pins needed to support debug.  Alternatively, jumpers could allow disconnection of pings connected to functions such as USB.
  3. Bring all pins out to the edge headers.

I really like the STM32F4 Discovery.  I am only identifying how a board might better satisfy the specific customer need of firmware development before prototype boards are available.