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STM8S003 MCU and emulator question

Question asked by bertin.alex on Nov 7, 2013

We use the STM8S003 MCU in one of our products and specifically we use the LINbus communications in slave mode. In the 003 datasheet it says the UART (UART type 1) can actually only support LINbus master mode. When we program a MCU with the software however it does indeed seem to be able to communicate as a LINbus slave. Can you explain this? Is there any danger in us using the 003 MCU in LINbus slave mode? i.e. are there any plans to remove the LINbus slave capability of the 003 MCU. We have to use the 003 MCU because our product requires the small package size (UFQFPN20 3x3).

I also have a question regarding the STice emulator. When we try and configure the emulator as an STM8S003 (actually select 103 on emulator) and toggle pin 20 (PD6) with the software setting up this line as an input I/O it does not toggle and the emulator thinks the line is permanently low. We have tried two STice emulators and they both do the same thing. If we try another I/O line, for instance pin 19 (PD5) the emulator correctly sees the line high or low, when we toggle it. Please can you explain this.