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STM32CubeF4 RTC init code suggestions.

Question asked by Andrei Chichak on Feb 5, 2015
Here's the thing, the interface code generated by CubeMX (src/rtc.c) is not as malleable as ST may think. If I make changes to this code, it gets stomped when code gets generated. So, my code gets lost when a new subsystem gets brought up. Therefore it makes sense to put a layer on top of your code.

1) you grabbed a whole bunch of good names (adc.c, dac.c, rtc.c), any chance that you can grab less sexy names, like cube_adc.c, cube_dac.c, cube_rtc.c, so I can have the good ones?

2) In the RTC init code, the date and time are set to January 1, 2000 00:00:00 every time the processor is reset. In the example RTC code for the STM324x9I_EVAL the startup code checks the NVRAM for a particular value to bypass stomping on the clock. Could ST include this action in the cube generated code?

3) You might want to put in a panel to select and start the RTC oscillator source.