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HAL for F4 has some startup code that causes asserts.

Question asked by Andrei Chichak on Feb 4, 2015
I turned on USE_FULL_ASSERT during debugging and got a bunch of messages relating to code that I haven't gotten around to yet.

With CubeMX 4.6.0 and STM32CubeF4 v1.4.0:

1) MX_SPI2_Init causes an assert in HAL_SPI_Init (line 193) because does not specify CRCPolynomial, which defaults to 0. This is likely a problem in HAL_SPI_Init since CRCCalculation was set to SPI_CRCCALCULATION_DISABLED.

2) MX_TIM[1-4]_Init causes an assert in HAL_TIM_ConfigClockSource (lines 3920, 3921, 3922) because ClockPolarity, ClockPrescaler, and ClockFilter are not specified. I don't know what this is about, I haven't got there yet and I can't find the appropriate controls in CubeMX.