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Question asked by John Flood on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2013 by tien.michael
I'm using Cosmic 4.3.6 compiler & have a project with greater then 32k code.  I need to checksum the flash at startup and periodically during runtime to satisfy UL60730.  My first project (about 12k code size) went well & everything was as I expected.With this one however, the checksumming blows up completely.  The descriptor table at __ckdesc__ is built using NEAR pointers, and the actual function f__checksum16 in cksum161.s fails miserably as it is expecting the descriptor to be in near memory.  Even if it was, all the pointers are truncated.  Of course the start address of 0x8080 is OK but the end address of 0x0651 instead of 0x10651 is completely wrong.

Hopefully I've done something wrong!  I'm not holding out much hope though.  Any ideas?