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Stepper motor control

Question asked by madroadbiker on Oct 8, 2013
Ok never mind!

I've searched this forum for information but could find none. I have a prototype board with an STM8S208C micro. It must connect to a bi-polar 2 phase stepper motor. My first question is, if I want to use timer1 channels 1 and 2 and their complimentary outputs, how to I connect those outputs to the motor? I've read tons of documentation and I understand the theory behind controlling stepper motors. I've done it many many times but never with 2 PWMs and their complimentary outputs. I want to control the motor in full step mode and I know what the output waveforms must look like. So my question is very specific. How do I make the connections to the motor so that I can apply the proper frequency phase shift for the second coil? I've asked ST this question but have not received an answer. Surely someone out there must have done this before. Let me know what other details you need in order to answer this question and thank you very much in advance for your help.