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STVP Programming Toolkit - How to Unlock Chips?

Question asked by basler.brad on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2016 by khan.daynial
I've looked over UM0151 and have thus far successfully developed python code that can program STM8 chips using the discovery board programmer, and modify the image.

I am trying to rapidly develop a programming/test suite for manufacturing of a product in development. I have found UM0151 to be very vague. There is no mention of chip-unlocking whatsoever. I have read of ways to do this with MASS, but I am not sure how to translate this into API calls using the STVP Dlls.

Another annoyance about the STVP dlls is their undocumented functions and proprietary database system. Why should I waste an afternoon writing code before I even understand what the database contains? End rant.

I'd appreciate some help.

Chip; STM8S005