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Moveable Code Feature : Change rom location

Question asked by shen.robin.001 on Aug 23, 2013

Hi sir,

        we have a project. This issue is that one project include application code and bootloader code.


We already study the COSMIC datasheet about the Moveable Code feature. But we can’t find that how to change ROM location of Moveable Code. ROM location always is “.text” section.


                +seg .text -b 0x100 -n .my_routines -ic Debug\RAM_routines.o


                Compiler always default: The Moveable Code will be at “.text” section. It’s right. The Moveable Code can run at RAM “0x100”.


I try Example:

                +seg .ramcodeflash –b 0x8080 –m 0x100 –n .ramcodeflash

                +seg .text –b 0x9000 –m 0x100 –n .text

                +seg .ramcodeflash -b 0x100 -n .my_routines -ic Debug\RAM_routines.o


                Compiler result : The Moveable Code will always be at “.text” section not at “.ramcodeflash” . Why???  The Moveable Code can run at RAM “0x100”.



I already try one week. But failure. Please give me advise or example code.  Thank you very much.