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Trouble writing STP1612PW05 config

Question asked by forren.helmut on Jul 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2012 by forren.helmut
Please note that I'm not using an ST microprocessor or controller, but I am using the STP1612PW05.  I am having extreme difficulty finding support on this chip.  I can't find any more appropriate a forum than this one.  If you know of one, please let me know.  Regardless, your helpful advice for using this chip is greatly appreciated.

The funniest thing about the STP1612PW05 is that it *almost* uses an SPI interface, but not quite.  Instead of a normal chip select, it has an LE input that must be high for a specific amount of time during the SPI transfer.  The length of time LE is high determines what command is being executed and therefore what's done with the SPI data.

I have write data latch, write global latch, and read configuration commands working.  I'm unable to get the write configuration command working.  For example, I power up my target board and do a read configuration, write configuration, read configuration in order.  The first read configuration gives me 0x1EAC.  This is a number you can't get by accident, and it matches the default config register, so my read configuration must be working.  However, after I do the write configuration, all subsequent read configurations return all zeroes.  I've tried several variations of the write configuration, and I just can't get the read-back to work.

Meanwhile, the datasheet for the STP1612PW05 is abysmal at describing much of anything.

Please help!!!