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Looking for an MCU reference

Question asked by rocca.stephane on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by rocca.stephane
Hi all,

I had good experiences on STM32F4 peripherals, but I'm new to ST 8 bits family, so I'd like your feedback and help to match a good MCU at lower cost possible, and that could match that features :
- 3.3V operations
- USB data transfer at High or moderate speed (cost first), with a mass storage declaration (new to that too), and with firmware flashing capability by USB : is there any library/example I can start with for that purpose ?
- 2 peripherals on SPI with DMA : 1x for a peripheral read operation (20 MHz capable), and one for µSD r/w : write at continuous minimum 112 Kb/s with reliability, but 896 Kb/s capable would be perfect. I planned to do it with Fats fs library. Perhaps I will need 2 DMA for that ?
That point is critical because of the RAM usage... I just don't know if it's possible on an 8 bits MCU... In fact I just need to read datas on SPI, save it somewhere (with 2Gb  max)... And in another mode, transfer that datas to PC via USB.
- 1x i2c at 400 kHz (interrupt mode or DMA+int).
- Standby mode with low power (ultra low prefered but not critical).
- 1x 16 bits Timer, a few EXTIO...
- a few eeprom...

What do you think about this requirements ? Is it possible with 8 bits family ?

Thanks in advance for your answers