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Mistake in the STM8L15xx8 Datasheet

Question asked by pascal.sclafer on Jul 23, 2013
I use the STM8L152M8 to drive a complex LCD.

In the datasheet (Doc ID 17943 Rev 5), page 35, it is written:
for PIN 52...56 (PF4...7): LCD_SEG36...39.

In the reference manual (Doc ID 15226 Rev 10),  page 267, "the SEG40..43 are respectively mapped on PF4..PF7 ports", for a 80pin package.

I think that there is a mistake in the datasheet, because LCD_SEG36...39 is valid for a 64pin package but should should be LCD_SEG40...43 for a 80pin package.

Can you confirm that?