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Efficient I2S operation with MONO Audio

Question asked by Rob on Jan 25, 2015
I'm experimenting with an audio ADC connected to the I2S peripheral on my STM32F401 Discovery Board. Right now I have the microcontrollers I2S interface configured as slave half-duplex mode (input only). In other words the audio ADC is generating all clocks (WS CLK and BIT CLK) and outputting data to the micro. The audio bus format is currently left justified, with 16 bit audio samples.

The audio signal is being generated by a microphone going into the audio ADC. There is only one channel of audio that needs to be stored by the microcontroller.

I'd like to use the DMA controller to store only the one channel of interest.

My question: Is there a way to efficiently do this? Preferably without processor intervention (i.e. checking the CHSIDE bit in the SPI Status Register)?

I'm new to the STM32 and have been spending lots of time digging through the example code and reference manual. My answers might still be in there but I could use some help!