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STMCube and SPL

Question asked by caspar on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Majerle.Tilen
having developed with the SPL in the past, and now tried the STMCube i would like to make a couple of observation.
- i understand the rational for the development of the STMcube tool, but it is forcing developers down a very particular route in the way that an application is developed.
- for a new user the SPL libraries were a steep learning curve.
- there is obviously a lot of overlap between the SPL and STMcube libraries, is ST really going to continue support for the SPL?
- most developers dont start from scratch, so it must be easy to integate legacy code, but still give us a good headstart when using a new piece of silicon.

So here is  my suggestion for a way to satisfy the high and low level demands of developers:
The SPL libraries should be the defacto low level interface.
STMcube should produce the middle layer wrapper using the SPL.

This would mean we could easily use STMcube to produce all the required hardware configuration , but would allow an easy migration to an SPL only implementation if the development required a 'leaner' approach.

At the end of the day ST needs to sell us silicon, and to do that they need to make our lives as product developers as easy as possible, while allowing us the maximum flexibility in our implementation.