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STM32 & ethernet & board

Question asked by alti.bir on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by alti.bir
Hi. I have a STM32f3220g-eval board.  I tried  lwip standalone stack. It doesn't work, I made same in the document UM1057. Jumpers and selecting modes from software are ok. Dhcp or pinging response does not work Also I loaded firmware (STM322xG_EVAL_FW_V1.2.0.hex) it didn't work. I tried udp server, client and tcp server/ client programs. In MII mode,I selected clock source both external 25 mhz and MCO pin and  result didn't change. I have just realized "PHY write" is  timeout. As I put a breakpoint program enters the loop. Is is  normal or about my problem? what do you think?  

  if(!(ETH_WritePHYRegister(PHYAddress, PHY_MICR, tmpreg)))
    /* Return ERROR in case of write timeout */
    return ETH_ERROR;

 I think something is wrong by hardware. Did anyone have a problem like this?