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JTAG (I-Jet) with STM324x9I-EVAL

Question asked by Barta.Hank on Jan 15, 2015
Should this work? I have the I-Jet plugged into CN16 and am using it with IAR EWARM and running "emuDiag 3.57." The STM324x9I-EVAL is powered via USB and I have modified project options to use this debugger.

The test passes "Connect", "Get Info ..." and "Test Connection" with no errors. 

When I attempt "Test JTAG ..." it immediately pops an error message that states "JTAG test failed - the TDO/SWDIO pin held permanently low." If I switch the JTAG Clock to "Adaptive" the eror is "JTAG test failed - RTCK clock not present."

In the manual (UM1667) I see a warning "When an external high speed debug tool connected to CN13 or CN16 is used for program loading or debugging, it is recommended to remove ESD protections D9 to D13 connected on JTAG signals."

I found these diodes on the diagram but cannot spot them on the board. Is their presence why I am seeing this problem? Or is there some other jumper or configuration that needs top be changed so that the JTAG will work?

I'd like to use my shiny new toy before I get prototype H/W. :D