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Discovery - disabling onboard peripherals

Question asked by MrStive on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by Andrew Neil
Bit of a noob question here, but I'm planning to use a STM32F4DISCOVERY board purely for its onboard programmer and also to save space on my PCB (will connect via header).
Unfortunately this means i get a bunch of things i don't really want connected to my chip - accelerometer, mic, audio DAC, etc.

I have ADC/USART connections which i wish to make, but some of these pins are already connected to the peripherals.
Question is, can I disable these peripherals or do I need to cut the trace? I dont actually have the board yet.

For example from the schematic I see ADC PC3 (ADC123_IN13) is connected to a whole bunch of resistors and caps for the audio module. This will obviously effect my reading.
Probably USART3 is the easiest to get to and only has a green LED on PD12 (USART3_RTS), will this effect its performance?

What do other people do? Or should I just put the cpu on my pcb and buy an external programmer?

Thanks for your help. I'm guessing i'll need to cut the traces but just wondering if there's an easier way.