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STM8 Basic Timer1 function

Question asked by pollock.john on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by pollock.john
I cant seem to decipher the TIM1 registers to get a basic timer function similar to TIM2 or TIM4.  Count UP and interrupt only if you reach the auto-reload period. In my application I reset the counter to 0 before the period is reached so a timer interrupt is a fault of sorts. TIM1 generates an interrupt when I set the counter to 0. Is there a way to inhibit that portion of the update interrupt?  Can a compare be used without and output?

currently I use the standard library provided and the intent below was to have the timers operate equally:

  TIM1_TimeBaseInit(0x0020, TIM1_COUNTERMODE_UP, 0x00B4, 1 );
  /* Enable TIM1 IT UPDATE */
  /* Enable TIM1 */
//  TIM1_Cmd(ENABLE);
//  TIM2_DeInit();
  /* Time base configuration */
  TIM2_TimeBaseInit(TIM2_PRESCALER_64, 0x00B4 );
  /* Enable TIM2 IT UPDATE */
  /* Enable TIM2 */
 // TIM2_Cmd(ENABLE);
 // TIM4_DeInit();
  /* Time base configuration */
  TIM4_TimeBaseInit(TIM4_PRESCALER_64, 0xB4 );
  /* Enable TIM4 IT UPDATE */

Thanks John