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STM32L-discovery with IAR EWARM : Weird LCD display

Question asked by pansoul on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by pansoul

I recently bought a STM32L-discovery and i try to print some message on the lcd display using some examples coming with IAR EWARM
(LCD_SegmentsDrive for example).

But when i use the function LCD_GLASS_DisplayString("TEST"), the lcd hilights some segments in incomprehensible order.

i first tried to execute the program in RAM using "Download and debug" without achieving to print some readable message.
and when i pushed on reset, i had the normal message of the default program so i suppose than the board is OK.

I then tried Flashing memory using "download active application" but without success.

the Projet->option->debugger driver is set on ST-LINK and ST-LINK Reset on Normal, CLock Set up on 32.0 Mhz.
I let the jumpers on their default positions (2 jumpers on ST-Link and the jumper on JP1 on)

i am new to both EWARM and STM32 so if someone can help me.