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DAC for stm8l151G6U6

Question asked by nguyen_phu.thinh.001 on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by kim.daeyoung
Hi all,
I used DAC and it OK on stm8l151C6T6,  this is 48pin MCU.
But now i change to 28pin DAC.It not work:
    CLK_PeripheralClockConfig(CLK_Peripheral_DAC, ENABLE);
    DAC_Init(DAC_Channel_1, DAC_Trigger_None, DAC_OutputBuffer_Enable);
    SYSCFG_RIIOSwitchConfig(RI_IOSwitch_15, ENABLE);
     DAC_WaveGenerationCmd(DAC_Channel_1, DAC_Wave_Noise, ENABLE);
    DAC_Cmd(DAC_Channel_1, ENABLE);
    DAC_SetChannel1Data(DAC_Align_12b_R, 0x1500);

I measure at Pin PB4, but it alway low.
Please help me.

Best regards