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Question asked by abbey.tony on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by abbey.tony
I am trying to compile some code for the f4 discovery board to send ADC readings to the USB as posted a while ago with the following note:
"This is from an Example of CDC Virtual Com Port on the USB 
 for the Stm32f4Discovery Board.
It is modified to continuously output, to the USB Com, 
 the ADC value of PC0 (Pin0 of PortC)."
I am trying to compile it myself, merging the standard ST firmware code with a main.c from the new application. However, I find that the usbd_conf.h has been modified, even though it has the same version number (V1.0.0). Neither the version that came with the CDC Virtual Com app (22July2011), or the ST standard one (19Sept2011) is sufficient - in the 22July2011 one there are more definitions than the other, but some missing as well - looks like I have to merge them to stop fatal error messages. I have attached both versions, in case anyone can explain.