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Error initializing ST-Link device

Question asked by timotet on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by timotet
First post here.
I have been programming the stm32f0 discovery kit for a few days now using the
Atollic gdb server with no problems whatsoever, that is until today.
I was in the middle of debugging and lost the link to the stm32f0, now
when I try to reinitialize the device I get the initialization error.
I can use the stm stlink utility and load a hex file with no problems.
I actually reloaded the same program I was working on when I
lost the link. I have the Stm32f4 discovery board as well and I connected that
to see if it was a driver issue but I have no problems initializing the st-link on that board.
I connected the f0 board to another computer I have and I cant get it to initialize the
st-link either. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fix, Im at a loss here.

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