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Is 5 microseconds the minimum resolution for the timers?

Question asked by aces_high on Feb 4, 2013
I've tried both the 16 MHz HSI and 24 MHz HSE with the STM8/128-EVAL board, and I can only divide TIM4 down to an approximate 5-microsecond tick resolution.

Is this correct?

The settings I'm using with the 24 MHz HSE are TIM4_PRESCALER_2 (for a 12 MHz clock) and a TIM4_PERIOD of 11.

This should provide a 1-microsecond tick:

(11 + 1) / 12,000,000 = 1 usec.

But it seems to bottom out at approximately 5 microseconds.

I've also set Flash_Wait_States = 1 in the Debug Instrument > MCU configuration > Options window.

Any help would be much appreciated.