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Loosing scope in global variables

Question asked by munoz.eduardo on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by munoz.eduardo
I'm using STM32 CubeMX 4.3.1 generating code in Keil. 

I experienced extrange behavior with Global variables. It seems as if at some point within a function a local variable loses its contents...

But debugging the code I could see it's not that the global variable had lost its content ... (that was my first thought)

It seems like loses its scope. It is strange in a global variable right?
At the beginning of the function I can manage it properly, but later in the same function can not even compare it to a value or assign its value to another variable. Strangely, if I halt there the debug and pass the mouse over the global variable, popup values are correct. But making the next step in debug takes no effect. 

I know that the variable retains its value because if I create a dummy function call it from where it fails and doing the assignment or comparison there, works fine...

In dissasembly I can see that one of the register involved has not the correct offset, so I'm focusing in optimization levels to see if i can find out where is the problem.

Please, if anyone can help... It's a known issue??

Thank you very much in advance!