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audible noise

Question asked by lam.kf on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by lam.kf

We have been using ST FOC SDK for more than a year. We make driver boards for HVAC motors with 1/2hp(375W)~1hp(750W). Our customer satisfies with the efficiency of our boards. However, the customer received a board from another vendor who uses another chip vendor's FOC solution last week. That board provides similar efficiency but is much more quiet than our boards. Our boards have audible noise while start up even with no load. The sound keeps noticeable loud until the load is increased the rated output. The sound is similar to the sound from a stepper motor controlled by a low end driver with wrong decay setting. We have tried reduce the current in start-up parameter but it doesn't help. Would you please give us some suggestions to eliminate this noise.

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KF Lam