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Motor control work bench.. motor not spining...

Question asked by shah.kaushik on Oct 25, 2016

I am using STEVAL-IHM038V1
hardware for running bldc motor at 800 rpm in sensorless foc mode at 110V..


I have followed the below steps...

1 Downloaded ST Motor control workbench 4.2

2 Downloaded IAR embedded workbench

3 Project created in Motor control workbench as per Table 1 provided in UM1697 user manual for STEVAL-IHM038V1 document

4 The generated header files are copies to System Parameter folder

5 Project is created by referring section 9.1 in UM1052 document

6 STM32F10X Example workspace with simple time base is selected

7 The project configuration STM32100B EVAL is utilised

8 Project is compiling successfully

I have loaded generated hex file on the hardware and trying to run the motor but it is not running

The PWM pins are stuck up at 3.2V

Pl. suggest/ provide some solution to resolve above issue

Regards kaushik