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IHM07M1 ST workbench Motor Profile Overcurrent Fault

Question asked by cchiau on Jul 31, 2016
I have a the P-NUCLEO-IHM001 kit, and having issues completing the motor profile step.

1. keil IDE loading firmware complete, board setup in FOC, 3 shunt jumpers.
2. ST workbench profile using example project "P-Nucleo-IMH001-MP-LowInductanceMotor-7-PolesPairs"
3. generation location in SystemDriveParams folder
4. connectivity successful, after clicking "start" the motor starts to tick and move a little, goes through that part fine
3. sometimes it will spin up sometimes it won't, and that is the step where the over current fault occurs.

I've tried adjusting the "Nominal Current" in motor parameters, no change.
Power supply is steady and can produce up to 3A, 

Looking for assistance or pointers in where the current limit is set or resolution.  Much appreciated thank you