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Beginner - May this thread help others like me.

Question asked by matt on Jan 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2015 by matt
Hello all.  I have designed an electronics board from scratch with an engineer and we have made our first prototype board.  We have chosen the STM32F407VGT6 processor.

I have downloaded the STMCubeMX software and I have bought an ST-Link/V2 kit for loading(?) and debugging(?).

For my product I will be using GPIO for buttons and LEDs, I2C, RS232 (ascii commands for my system bi-directional), USB (Loading firmware updates?), and Ethernet (TCP control instead of the RS232, loading firmware updates, web-based user configuration, and IOS/IPAD/IPHONE app control).

I have done C++, Visual Basic, and some HTML/XML programming but it was a long while back, and currently I am using a visual studio for control-systems programming that is manufacturer specific - so while I am not a beginner to programming.....I am not familiar with ARM processor programming and the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that I should use.

I prefer a mac....but I am running windows via parallels.

What I hope to answer from posting this thread is:
-What software besides the STM32CubeMX software do I need to get?
-Will I be using the ST-Link/V2 to upload the compiled project?
-Will I be able to use the ST-Link/V2 to easily test GPIO ("see" button presses and light leds) or run instructions for debugging?
-Will I be using C++ for my customized programming within the IDE?
-Once I get some basic features programmed/installed/debugged, how should I develop my web-based user interface and IOS app?  Is this capable within the IDE or will I be looking at another software package for that.
-Where can I find some "straight forward" instructions or videos that will help me get up to speed with these things.

Thank you.