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How to change direction smoothly?

Question asked by lee.lino on Jun 22, 2016

What I have done so far is ....

1. parameter setting using Motor Profiler
2. Can control motor speed (Main sensor is Hall sensor. Aux sensor is observer +cordic)

But my problems and questions are ... 

1) Even using Hall sensor,  Ramp up procedure is needed ?
2) When change direction, I do like this..  
    - ramp-up to 300rpm (ccw) 
    - speed up (ccw)  and rolling....
    - speed down (ccw) to 300rpm 
    - motor stop command when speed is under 300rpm
    - ramp-up to -300rpm (cw)
    - speed up (cw) and rolling...

  but the problem is every time motor should stop. So motion is not good.
  not smooth.  How can I control smoothly?

Thank you very much in advance.