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Question asked by vicky rider on Dec 20, 2012
Respected all: 
         I made my own STM8s003k3 hardware board by seeing the Circuit in the STMicroelectronics.And i connect all the components as given in that Circuit but my board did not work.And it connect my board in the ST-Link/v2 and i give the power supply to my board throw the ST-link debugger..
 my connection's in my board Are:
                      mc                                       ST-LINK
             Pin1-NRST                                     NRST
             Pin-26-ST_LINK_SWIM               ST_LINK_SWIM
             Pin2,3-connect 16Mhz crystal
             Pin-4                Gnd
             Pin-5                60E and connect it to Gnd
             Pin-6                VDD
             Pin-25               connect LED with 510E and give it to VDD
And my board did not blink that Pin-25 pin LED.And i give the power throw via ST-LINK Debugger.
     How i work my board Can any one please help me..............I need that very urgent and dont mistaken me and help me please...
Thanks in Advance..,
             Vicky rider