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STM32CubeMX USB FS Host Problem

Question asked by wood.andy on Jan 2, 2015
I am using an STM32F405 with Atollic.

If I use the STM32DiscoveryVCPMaster code it all works fine, put the scope on D+ pin, see volts and it connects to the PC OK.

If I do an STM32CubeMX project with only USB_OTG_FS -> Host only and USB_HOST -> Class for FS IF -> Communication Host Class (VCP) then it does not work and there is no volts on D+. When it starts I see ~10mS pulse on D+ but if I breakpoint it to try and locate when it is set it does not appear.

Neither project uses VBUS.

So I know that the hardware works, the clock configuration is correct so what can it be?

Any ideas anybody?