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Start up torque

Question asked by lee.lino on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Gigi

What I have done so far is ...

0. In controlling of 300W 24V In-Wheel motor ... (with STM32F407VE)
1. Motor parameters were taken through Motor Profiler
2. Hall sensor is set to main sensor.  And Observer+PLL is aux sensor 
3. Can control speed, torque through Workbench and API in program.

Problem is ...

A. This is electric scooter. When start up, seems like low torque.
   It try to turn. But fail.  Without load, it is ok. 
   How can I handle it in the program?  Starting up with heavy load.

B. When MCI_StartMotor( ) execute, motor suddenly tug before turning.
   It is like big current is applied suddenly.
   How can I start up smoothly in the program ?

C. in number 2. if Observer+PLL is main sensor, everytime start-up failure.
   But Hall sensor is main. It seems ok.   I still don't get it why.

Thank you in advance.